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Progressive Talent CIC is an organisation that brings together Professional Black Women who make positive changes in the communities they live and work in.

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About Progressive Talent

We are a social enterprise which exists to benefit the community in which we live and work. Our focus is to provide support and act as a learning community platform for Professional Black Women in the Leeds City Region.

About Progressive Talent CIC

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Our Purpose

We work together with organisations to raise awareness, advocate for social justice, and create business opportunities and resources.

We are grounded on research and we provide bespoke services such as consulting, peer support groups, workshops and initiatives that facilitate and moderate talks that promote well-being and equality.

Progressive Talent CIC our purpose
Our purpose Progressive Talent CIC
Lucy Ndlovu Progressive Talent CIC

Lucy Ndlovu


Lucy believes in developing a support system that will allow people to gain access to resources and grow professionally and personally. "Representation matters. As a Professional Black woman, I am aware of how much we contribute to our communities and the positive influence we have on society. I wanted to amplify these women's important voices and create a space for knowledge sharing, research, and strong community networks."

Lucy holds a Master's degree in Public Relations and Strategic Communication. She is passionate about volunteering and serves as a Trustee of various organisations, a School Governor, and a UN Women UK Delegate. She is the recipient of the ASPIRE UK Scholarship as a Black Researcher.

Sola Abuede


Sola is a serial entrepreneur, Pharmacist and co-owner of Midway Pharmacies in West Yorkshire UK. She is passionate about women's development, progression and growth. She is especially keen on supporting BAME women to be their very best in all aspects of life. She mentors women to ensure they are reaching their full potential. Through managing a number of businesses, Sola is an effective leader; astute in effective governance and management.

Sola's passion for women is also reflected in her business ventures. She is the proud owner of Epta Maternity Rentals; creating lasting memories by providing beautiful apparels and accessories for expecting mothers. She also owns Epta Bridal; a bridal business offering bespoke dresses for all occasions.

Sola Abuede Progressive Talent CIC
Lorraine Olowosuko Progressive Talent CIC
Lorraine Olowosuko


Lorraine is a passionate leader with charitable interests. She is moving the dial on women in Tech and has aspirations to mentor young ladies to join the Tech industry, being an IT Business Analyst with over 15 years experience in the industry.

She has a Masters Degree in Exploration Geophysics from the University of Leeds, UK.

She is the founder of Jados Agency, a Digital Marketing Agency, helping entrepreneurs build a profitable online business using Digital Marketing so that they can attract more paying customers and scale their businesses with ease. She is also the founder of Bliss Quizzes.

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